Togo Gets Banned for Withdrawing in African Cup of Nations

Togo-FAFury flared after the Confederation of African Football (CAF) announced that they are banning Togo for withdrawing in this year’s Africa Cup of Nations. To top it, the country was even fined 50,000 dollars for backing out.

The national team of Togo (shirt badge pictured) was withdrawn from the tournament by the government as a response for the attack on the team days before the opening of the tournament. Three people died from the attack.

“This is a surprise decision and it means that people [CAF] have no consideration for the lives of other human beings,” Togo Interior Minister Pascal Bodjona said in an interview to BBC.

The government and the team expressed their anger over the decision that was handed down on the last day of the tournament.

The CAF explained that their decision was made because the government still demanded that the team withdrew despite the fact that the national team has already expressed in the media that they will continue to play in the games in honor of those who died.

This year’s games have already concluded, with Egypt claiming their seventh title.