“Ugly Betty” Actor Kills Mother with Samurai

Michael-BreaPolice have arrested on Tuesday¬†an actor who appeared on the television show “Ugly Betty” after he allegedly killed his own mother using a samurai.

Actor Michael Brea, 31, was arrested early Tuesday after authorities responded to a call regarding a family dispute. Brea, who played bit parts on “Ugly Betty,” was found inside his room in his Brooklyn home. A 3-foot sword was also found in Brea’s possession, police said. Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said Brea’s mother, Yannick, was found lifeless in the bathroom with wounds in her head.

Brea was brought to the Kings County Hospital for psychiatric evaluation. According to the New York Daily News, Brea castigated her mother for being a “sinner” and for not believing in Jesus before he struck her with the sword. “Sinner! Sinner! You never accepted Jesus!” Brea allegedly shouted to her 55-year-old mother.

Brea has been charged with second-degree murder and criminal possession of a weapon. The actor, who also had a small role in “Step Up 3-D,” had no prior criminal record.