UK Election Exit Polls Show Hung Parliament


Exit polls show that the Conservative Party will win the most seats but will lack the 326 numbers to avoid a hung parliament.

The early results indicate that the Conservatives, or sometimes called as Tories, have 305 seats. Current ruling party, Labour, has 255 while the third major party, the Liberal Democrats, have 61. Labours and Liberals together will also not meet the magic number of 326.

The House of Commons has a 650 membership. A 50% + 1, which is 326, is needed to gain an overall majority. Otherwise, it is considered as a hung parliament. Historically, the party with the most seats in a hung parliament calls another election within months to get a fresh attempt in securing a majority.

The leader of the party with the most won seats becomes Prime Minister. David Cameron is the leader for Conservatives. Current Prime Minister Gordon Brown is the leader for Labour.

The UK has no single constitutional document comparable to those of most other nations. The kingdom’s electoral system is based on a series of parliamentary acts with some enacted during the 17th century.