Uma Thurman’s “Motherhood” Earns $13 on Opening Day

Talk about bombing out at the box office big time. Uma Thurman‘s latest film “Motherhood,” which earned a measly $60,000 when it opened in the U.S. last year, bombed out big time in London, earning only $13 during its initial screening. Based on the ticket price at the London movie theater that screened the film, “Motherhood” was watched by a single person on its opening day. The movie ended its first weekend with around $131, which is equivalent to about 11 people paying to see the film in its three days.

“Motherhood,” which also stars Minnie Driver and Anthony Edwards, was reportedly made for about $5 million. Producer Jane Edelbaum attributed the film’s dismal showing to promotional problems rather than on its quality, saying that “Motherhood” is a “a very decent movie.” “I’ve seen movies that are not half as good.”

If its any consolation, “Motherhood” earned far more than 2007’s “My Nikifor,” which set a record for futility at the U.K. box office by earning around $10 in its first weekend.