United Kingdom Establishes Its Own Space Agency

The United Kingdom established its own version of NASA after it launched the UK Space Agency (UKSA).UK_Space_Agency

Operating from Swindon, the agency was announced March 23 by Lord Mandelson, Lord Drayson and astronaut Major Timothy Peake. It opened on April 1.

The UKSA will manage jobs from various government departments and research councils, which include the following:

  • All responsibilities, personnel, and assets of the British National Space Centre
  • European Space Agency subscriptions from Natural Environment Research CouncilScience and Technology Facilities Council and Technology Strategy Board, including project grants and post-launch support.
  • UK elements of the space components of Global Monitoring for Environment and Security, and the Galileo satellite navigation system
  • The financial interest agreement with the European Union Satellite Centre
  • Space technology and instrumentation funding from the Research Councils UK and Technology Strategy Board

UKSA is currently valued at six billion pounds and employs 68,000 jobs. It has a target to increase its value to 40 billion pounds employing 100,000 within the next 20 years.

Some are calling the establishment of the agency as a joke starting from the logo design up to the fact that it opened on April Fool’s Day.