US Justice Department Plans on Challenging Arizona Law

140px-US-DeptOfJustice-SealThe United States Justice Department is planning to file a legal challenge for the controversial Arizona immigration law.

“The Justice Department is continuing to review the law,” said the department over the issue. Federal government lawyers are working on a legal challenge for several weeks now. It will file the case most probably in Phoenix.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said in an interview in Ecuador that the government “will be bringing a lawsuit” in the case.

Governor Jan Brewer signed the law, which will make being an illegal immigrant a criminal offense, earlier this year. It will take effect on July 28.

Meanhile, the Attorney General of Arizona, Samuel Pearson “Terry” Goddard, III, plans to withdraw as the state’s lawyers in any legal challenges that the Arizona’s new immigration will face. Goddard is criticizing the law and the governor believes that she doubts the attorney general’s capability of defending it. Goddard is facing Brewer in the upcoming gubernatorial elections.