Virgin Galactic Dedicates Runway for Commercial Space Travel

Virgin_GalacticThe 10,000 foot long runway for a project that will allow commercial space travel to become a reality was dedicated in New Mexico, Friday, October 23.

“This is history,” said Richard Branson of Virgin Galactic, “We’re making it right here.” Present during the dedication were some 600 guests including state and national officials. New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson and NASA Deputy Administrator Lori Garver graced the event.

Can be seen also during the dedication were the would-be hanger, passenger terminal, the first spaceship VSS Enterprise and its carrier aircraft, the White Knight Two.

Virgin Galactic is planning to commence suborbital space flights either late next year or in 2012. About 380 people have already paid a 10% down payment for the first tickets which is priced at 200,000 USD. About 30 of them were present during the dedication.

NASA, meanwhile, plans to issue solicitations for its $50 million Commercial Crew Development program for the development of  commercial crew spaceflight concepts.