Virtual Tour of the Trans-Siberian Railway Route

People may now see the picturesque views along the famous Trans-Siberian Railway route in Russia without leaving their homes, thanks to a new Web site put up by Google and the Russian railways. The site provides a real-time trip through a video footage of the Trans-Siberian railway that lasts six days, or around 150 hours.

The trip starts in Moscow and traverses 12 Russian regions, two continents, and 87 cities, before ending in Vladivostok, which lies near Russia’s border with China. Virtual travelers can see the famous Volga River and Lake Baikal, among other beautiful spots. They also have a choice of whether to accompany their virtual tour with the rumbling of train wheels, Russian music, or readings of famous Russian literature.

People can also track their trip through the accompanying Google Map that sits just below the video panel.  A Google representative said the trip is aimed at attracting foreigners. “The idea was to bring the journey to people who may have thought about doing the trip but who never got round to booking it,” Alla Zabrovskaya of Google Russia said in an interview with the Guardian.