Volvo’s new hatchback comes with pedestrian airbag

Volvo V40 Pedestrian Airbag

True to its core values of safety and quality, Swedish carmaker Volvo has developed an external airbag on the front of its all-new V40 model, designed to save pedestrian lives.

The five-door, five-seater hatchback, unveiled at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, features front bumper sensors that register contact between the car and the pedestrian. In the event of a collision, the rear end of the bonnet rises and the airbag inflates across the lower edge of the windscreen and along the A-pillars. The airbag is constructed in a U-shape so the driver can maintain sight of the road and bring the vehicle to a complete stop.

The V40, Volvo’s first model designed under owner Zhejiang Geely Holding Group of China, also features a Pedestrian Detection technology that can detect if a pedestrian steps out into the road in front of the car. If the driver is unable to respond in time, the vehicle automatically activates the brakes. It will go on sale later this year.

Video: Volvo Pedestrian Airbag