Warner Bros Pulls Out “The Hangover Part II” Trailer

Warner Bros. has requested theater owners to stop showing the trailer to “The Hangover Part II” due to an inappropriate scene featuring a monkey mock-simulating a sexual act, among others.

In a statement, Warner Bros. said the pull out was done because the trailer was placed in front of the PG-13 film “Source Code.” Trailers must first be approved by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) before they are placed in front of films shown in theaters. Because of the content of the trailer, it should have been placed only before R-rated films, not PG-13s such as “Source Code.”

Although no complaints have been raised since the trailer started showing last week, Warner deemed it appropriate to pull the teaser to avoid controversy. “In our haste to meet the placement schedule for this trailer, we failed to properly vet the final version with the MPAA. We acted immediately to correct the mistake and removed the trailer from screens,” the studio said in the statement.

“The Hangover Part II,” which brings the wacky gang led by Bradley Cooper to Thailand, will arrive at theaters in North America on May 26.