Washington DC Approves Gay Marriage

The United States capital, Washington, DC, has passed a bill that will allow gay marriages after the city council passed the bill 11-2, Tuesday, December 15.gay-marriage

City mayor Adrian Fenty promised to promote the law and is expected to sign it before Christmas. It will take into effect next month if it survives 30-days legislative review period. The US House and Senate and President Barack Obama would all have to disapprove the bill to overturn the city resolution. Such a unanimous decision is unlikely to happen.

Supporters of same-sex marriage cheered in the council chamber after the vote was announced while declaring that it was a historic event.

Opposition immediately voiced their concerns too. The Catholic Church warned that it will stop joint aid projects with the city. The Baptist Church meanwhile said they will ask the Superior Court to define marriage as between man and woman only.

There are four states currently allowing gay marriages. These are Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts and Vermont. New Hampshire is set to join January 2010.