New Year’s Eve celebrations from around the world


Countries around the globe are beginning to hold festive events to welcome the year 2010.

In Australia, thousands of merrymakers have descended on Sydney Harbour, ready to ring in 2010 as the fireworks go off at midnight— some of them camped overnight to secure the best vantage point for the display.

In Germany, the New Year’s Eve event is a massive, televised celebration held in and around the capital city Berlin. The affair features music, fireworks, and often wall-to-wall crowds reminiscent of New York’s Times Square party.

Paris’s Eiffel Tower will be transformed into a multicolored light show while celebrations in the United Kingdom will center on the London Eye, the giant wheel across the river Thames from the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben.

As well as a lot of celebrations across the planet, Revellers will also see the “Blue Moon” this evening.

Blue Moon is the term used to the second full moon in a calendar month. It’s an event that occurs every two and a half years but tonight’s blue moon is even rarer. It’s happening right on New Year’s Eve and that’s roughly once in every two decades.

You can watch the  New Year’s Eve celebrations from around the world online here.

UPDATE: Watch numerous New Year’s Eve webcams from around the globe HERE.