WATCH: Wannabe politician Katarzyna Lenart performs striptease in election video

Katarzyna Lenart Striptease Video

When it comes to showing some skin, many politicians have no apprehensions, especially in Poland.

Katarzyna Lenart, a Democratic Left Alliance (SLD) candidate, is hoping to win Poland’s parliamentary election this weekend with a sexy election campaign ad which imitates a famous scene from the 1992 erotic thriller Basic Instinct.

“My campaign targets young people, and young people are only interested in controversial stuff, unfortunately,” the 23-year-old from Lublin told Gazeta Wyborcza. “I don’t think it was vulgar or obscene. You can hardly see anything.”

In the video, Lenart sits on an office chair, teases the camera beautifully and then proceeds to strip. As she takes off her bra, the word “Censored” flashes across the screen, followed by the slogan “Want more? Vote SLD. Only we can do more”.

Check out Lenart’s raunchy strip tease below:

What do you think of her election campaign ad?

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