Water aerobics eases labor pains

Most doctors recommend a low-impact exercise program for women during pregnancy.

Rosa Pereira, M.D. from the University of Campinas, reported that women who are expecting and who have participated in a moderate-intensity water exercise program were significantly less likely to request painkillers during labor than those who did not exercise.

Although there are a few safety concerns surrounding physical activity during a pregnancy, the researchers stated that exercises that are water-based are generally accepted to be safer than the conventional exercises because they reduce edema, they prevent increases in skin temperature, and they do not overload the musculoskeletal system.

water aerobics for pregnant

Water exercise is easy and safe, as well as beneficial to all levels from beginner to advanced. It isn’t even necessary to be a swimmer to begin exercise in the shallow end of the pool.

The water provides buoyancy due to the reduction of the gravitational force, making you feel lighter with less stress on the body. The lightness felt in the water gives exercise a greater comfort, especially when you are carrying the additional weight of a baby.

Water aerobics classes can be found at your local community center or health club. If you are still reluctant to try one of these classes, ask to observe a class to see if the exercises are ones you would feel comfortable doing. There are many levels; find the one that is right for you.

(Via Pregnancy Today)