Wedding Massacre as Suicide Attack Kills 40

A wedding party in Kandahar, Afghanistan, was turned into a massacre scene as an alleged suicide explosion killed 40 people and wounded more than 70 others. Witnesses said a huge explosion was heard around 9pm on Wednesday, as wedding guests and members of the groom and bride’s families were partying.

NATO officials have condemned the attack and pinned the blame on the Taliban. Kandahar is considered a stronghold of the insurgent group and is subject of a soon-to-be launched major offensive by international forces. The NATO has decried allegations that the attack may have been an air strike, calling such reports as nothing but “Taliban misinformation.” The Taliban has also denied involvement in the incident.

A survivor of the attack, Agha Mohammed, claimed that the explosion was nothing like suicide bomb. “We have experience with war and this does not look like a suicide bombing,” Mohammed said.

Officials believe that the Taliban may be behind the attack, as several members of the groom’s family are part of the police. The Taliban often attack civilians and local police as a form of intimidation.