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Why Most Men Don’t Use Condoms

16 February 2010 2 Comments

Posted by Nel

Why do most men, and women, prefer not to wear condoms? One simple answer showed up in a research that was reported Monday, February 15.Condom-rolled

Condoms simply don’t fit.

A total of 436 men aged 18 to 67 were surveyed by a research handled by  Dr. Richard Crosby of the University of Kentucky and Dr. Bill Yarber of the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction in Indiana.

Their results show that 196 or about 45% of those surveyed reported that they have used an ill-fitting condom during their last sexual activity.

Some 120 among them felt that the ill-fitting condom reduced their sexual pleasure while 57 said it reduced the pleasure of their partners. 34 said that they have removed the condoms early on because of the discomfort. 18 said the condoms broke during sex.

All figures are smaller compared to men who use well-fitted condoms.

Condom when used correctly reduces pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases by 98%. Failing to use one properly have great consequences. There should be better efforts to encourage men to use well-fitted condoms, according to the research.

However, even in countries where condoms are sold in different shapes and sizes, men still use ill-fitting condoms. One may realize that men are simply embarrassed to buy condoms that are “small” or “medium” in sizes.


  • http://www.condom-sizes.org Peter Kondom

    using the ill-fitting condom significantly reduces it’s effectiveness
    Everyone says use condoms, and you learn it in sexual education, but they should also teach how to choose the best fitting one

  • http://www.1stopcondomshop.com/lubricants.html Personal lubricant

    It depends on how well you trust your partner. As Valksy and implicit, if they take the pill everyday at the same time, the chances are very remote, but not everyone manages to do all the time. When in doubt use a condom ‘is still a very good policy, even in a serious relationship.