Will Berlusconi suffer the same fate as Mubarak?

Protests Against Berlusconi

Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators, mostly women, marched in cities all over Italy on Sunday, demanding that Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi resign because of allegations that he had sex with minors and prostitutes.

The protests were staged in more than 230 Italian cities, as well as 28 cities abroad, including Tokyo and Paris. According to CNN, the largest rally was in Rome, where organizers said 100,000 people gathered, under the slogan, “If not now, when?” The women carried signs and banged pots and pans to protest against the prime minister’s habits they say has disgraced Italy.

From CNN:

One woman who came with her family said she was “fed up with the way women are portrayed as objects in the Italian media. The way that young girls are glorified by their looks and youth and then what? I don’t want my daughter to grow up thinking that that is the only way to be … that the only thing that matters is to be pretty and show off their legs. … We are more than that.”

Members of Berlusconi’s ruling party branded the protests as a politically motivated act by the opposition, but political party flags were noticeably nonexistent from most gatherings.