Wyclef Jean Wants Dual Citizenship for Haitians

Wyclef Jean has vowed to become the “bridge” that would connect Haitians living abroad and those left in the Caribbean country by pursuing a constitutional change that would allow dual citizenship.

In his first specific plan for the impoverished country, the presidential candidate and former Fugees singer said that Haiti should allow dual citizenship in order to give Haitian emigrants the chance to vote in their home country. Currently, Haitians lose their Haitian citizenship if they choose to become citizens of a new country.

Haitians who have emigrated play a vital part in keeping Haiti’s economy afloat because of the millions of dollars that they send to their relatives through remittances. “If they are the ones who keep this country alive, they should have some kind of say on what kind of government structure there is,” said Jean, who has chosen to remain a Haitian citizen despite living for a long time in the United States.

Jean declared earlier this month that he will run for president of the earthquake-ravaged country in November elections.