XBox Live to be Discontinued for Original XBox

Halo 2 fans and players – beware!Xbox-console

Microsoft announced Friday, February 5, that it will discontinue the online game service Xbox Live for the original Xbox game console on April 15, 2010.

This means that players of the multiplayer game Halo 2 can no longer enjoy it once Xbox Live is stopped for the original Xbox. Halo 2 was the most popular game for Xbox Live until Gears of Wars came in Xbox 360 in 2006. Halo 2 players are encouraged to upgrade to Xbox 360.

Meanwhile, some wonder if Sony will be following suit as it is still supporting Playstation 2 (PS2). Playstation 2 was launched in 2000 and it is the best-selling game console to date with over 138 million units sold as of August 2009.  There are still games to be released for PS2 in 2010.