Yankee Stadium Bans iPad

New-York-Yankee-StadiumPlanning to bring your precious iPad gadget to watch a game in Yankee Stadium? Well you should forget about it as the stadium has included the very well sought after device in its list of banned “laptops”.

The stadium has security rules that prohibit the bringing in of laptop computers. It apparently categorized that iPad as a laptop. The iPad has been described to be as a tablet computer.

This is in direct contrast to Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox, which allowed the bringing in of iPads inside their stadium. Reports also indicate that AT&T Park, home of the San Francisco Giants, does not sanction such bans.

Major League Baseball already announced that iPad bans are a team-by-team decision.

The ban also added contradiction to an advertisement of Apple for iPad, which says, “iPad goes anywhere.” Last month, Israel banned the entry of the gadget into the country.

The iPad is slated for international release starting Friday, May 28.