YouTube to Allow Full HD Videos to be Uploaded and Viewed

Popular video-sharing site YouTube will now allow users to upload and view videos in full HD. A 1080p test video is currently uploaded at the site.youtube_logo

Viewers with bigger screens, faster computers and high-speed broadband will enjoy this new feature at maximum effort. 1080p video means 1080 TV Lines of resolution, progressive scan. For the technical junkies, this means that the videos are not interlaced (video image quality improved without consuming extra bandwidth).

The Google-owned broadcast yourself site will still continue to support videos in 720p format that it has started supporting last year. YouTube wanted to be the best website to showcase videos so to answer the increasing resolutions offered by consumer cameras and camcorders.

YouTube is currently on the process of re-encoding videos in 1080p previously uploaded in the site so that they can be viewed by users the way those videos were meant to be viewed.

YouTube has been eager to present commercial content to be able to compete more with Hulu and Netflix.