YouTube to launch scheduled channels in 2012

YouTube TV Channels

There are a whole range of pirate sites that provide the ability to access network TV online but they are often slow and unreliable. Now YouTube is reportedly preparing to launch at least a dozen new ”channels” next year which will feature regularly scheduled content. Yes, something like traditional TV, but hopefully with no commercial breaks.

From The Wall Street Journal:

YouTube, which media companies have long griped is too stingy cutting content deals, is paying from a few hundred thousand dollars to several million to content creators to create and curate videos for a channel, according to these people. Google recoups the original payment through ad revenue, and Google and the partner share ad revenue after that.

Content owners in talks with the company say Google executives say they want to build a comprehensive video service that users will want to tune into instead of television, not just a service to better compete with other Web video sites.